Thursday, June 21, 2007

WPF Forms <---> Win32 Forms

As WPF becomes more and more popular nowadays, many people face the problem where they want to embed WPF pages in ordinary pages made in ordinary Win32 pages. Many reasons are there which make developers forced to think about it. Developers want to benefit from the extraordinary WPF benefits such as the flexible and amazing graphical user interface, ..etc. However, WPF can't do everything, as you can't for example create an extensibility project using WPF, you are still forced to use Win32 forms.

However, sometimes developers prefer using Win32 controls, because simply they are more than WPF controls. So here comes the need to embed Win32 forms in WPF forms.

These two walkthroughs are a very good reference for doing so, Thanks to MSDN

Walkthrough: Hosting a Windows Presentation Foundation Control in Windows Forms

Walkthrough: Hosting a Windows Forms Control in a Windows Presentation Foundation Page.